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For the contact phone number you may enter a DSN, a commercial or a cell phone number. Please be as specific as possible when describing your event.

Note reoccurring dates in the Event/Program Details section; specify if the event occurs daily, weekly or monthly.

Not an FSS Facility?
Please contact the Force Support Marketing Department at (580) 213-6459 for print & promotion questions.

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Marketing Request for FSS Activities
Activities should plan their promotions/events QUARTERLY and submit the plan to marketing the first week of each Quarter. Additional/add-on publicity requests are REQUIRED A MINIMUM OF TWO WEEKS prior to the publicity start date. Any request less than two weeks will be charged a RUSH fee to the activity. FSS Marketing Promotional Package: Every event/program/promotion will be provided the following: 22x28 - 6 posters to display in stands around Vance AFB, 11X17 - 3 posters laminated displayed at the activity, 8.5 x 11 - 10 flyers laminated displayed at the activity and 4 Up Flyers - 20 sheets - 8.5x11 (4: 4x5) give to customers.
Starting May 1, 2019 all 71 FSS Activities will be charged (at cost fees) for ALL printed items.

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Sponsorship Requests
must be submitted THREE MONTHS PRIOR to event date. Only FSS Facilities are eligible to receive Commercial Sponsorship.

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Studio 71 Projects
Studio 71Projects REQUIRED A MINIMUM OF Five Business Days. Any request less than five business days may be charged a $10 RUSH fee. Studio 71 is open 0800-1600 Monday-Friday, excluding federal holidays and during basewide events. Please note, FSS projects take priority and your request will be processed accordingly. See Marketing Director for details. (Rates are subject to change without notice)

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No kidding

71 FSS Activities should submit a work request at least four weeks before events need to be advertised.  This is necessary to allow for design time, changes and to complete the approval process.

71 FSS Leadership requires events to be advertised at a minimum two weeks before the event date. 

Marketing must have at minimum 10 business days for processing a work request!

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If your request is NOT an event, pls put N/A in the fields that do not apply. Also, pls type all special directions in the Event Details section.
MINIMUM OF TWO WEEKS prior to the event date
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  • FSS Marketing Promotional Package is mandatory for EVERY EVENT OR PROMOTION and will be charged to the activity.
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